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The department is seeking applications for a tenure-track faculty position in Astrophysics to begin in Fall 2018.

Join us for a seminar by Dr. Anvar Zhakidov on Fri. Nov. 17 at 2:00 pm in SWR 357. Dr. Zhakidov will discuss his work on `Perovskite and organic solar cells tunable by ionic gating and Si nanoparticle resonances’.

Join us for a seminar by Dr. Morgan Rehnberg on Fri. Nov. 10 at 2:00 pm in SWR 357. Dr. Morgan will discuss non-research career paths.

Congratulations to Dr. Peter Frinchaboy who received NSF funding for his project “The Open Cluster Chemical Abundance and Mapping (OCCAM) Survey.”

TCU physics alum and incoming graduate student Carson Huey-You along with his younger brother, incoming TCU freshman, Cannan, had the privilege of interviewing Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Carson Huey-You is TCU’s youngest graduate and was featured on NBC news.

Congratulations to Afeefah Khazi-Syed for earning American Society for Quality First Place award, Microbiology first place award, and Best of fair honorable mention at the Fort Worth Regional Science Fair.  Afeefah  is a high school student works with Dr. Anton Naumov through the Research Apprentice Program.

Dr. Kat Barger and collaborators will be observing with the Hubble Space telescope February 8th. They will be looking at a massive cloud that is flowing towards our galaxy that contains a few hundred million times the mass of our Sun in gas. This material was tidally stripped from the nearby Small and Large Magellanic galaxies. Eventually, this gas will fall into the Milky Way where it will be used to make new stars.

Cannan Huey-You, who works with Dr. Kat Barger through the Research Apprentice Program, was the youngest presenter at this year’s meeting of the American Astronomical Society. His story is featured in the Star-Telegram.

Congratulations to Dr. Anton Naumov who received a TCU Instructional Equipment grant to update our Physics II laboratory equipment.

Dr. Karol Gryczynski is the winner of the inaugural Medal of the Polish Biophysical Society for his contributions to the field of fluorescence. Read more

Congratulations to Ms. Afeefah Khazi-Syed from Harmony School of Innovation who won 2nd Place Grand Prize in Life Sciences at the Texas Science and Engineering Fair. Ms. Khazi-Syed did research on using silver nanoparticles as antibiotics through our Research Apprentice Program.

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