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Student Spotlight

Graduate students Hope Murphy and Lubna Pinky will be presenting their work at the upcoming Texas Applied Mathematics and Engineering Symposium in Austin Texas.

Graduate student MD Tanvir Hasan is first author on “Optical band gap alteration of graphene oxide via ozone treatment” recently published in Scientific Reports. The paper authors also include undergraduates BJ Senger, Conor Ryan, and REU student Marais Culp.

Graduate student Lubna Pinky is first author on “The impact of cell regeneration on the dynamics of viral coinfection” recently published in Chaos.

Congratulations to the class of 2017 — Carson Huey-You, Hana Jaafari, Micheal Hernandez, and Jacqueline Antwi-Danso!

Many of our graduate and undergraduate students will be presenting their research at the Student Research Symposium on Friday, Apr. 21 from 12-4:30 in Tucker.

Congratulations to Anand Iyer from Paschal High School and recent TCU graduate Dr. Pankaj Kumar. Anand was named a top scholar in the 2017 Regeneron Science Talent Search. Anand’s project on “4 Body Spatially-Periodic 1D System” was supervised by Dr. Kumar.

Good luck to graduate student Hung Doan who will compete in the regional Three Minute Thesis competition in Annapolis, Maryland, March 4-5.

Graduate student Tanvir Hasan is first author on “Modifying optical properties of reduced/graphene oxide with controlled ozone and thermal treatment in aqueous suspensions” recently accepted in Nanotechnology.


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