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1924       Physics Department founded under Dr. Newton Gaines

1928       B.A. degree program in physics established

1929       First Master’s degree awarded

1941       Dr. Joseph Morgan joins faculty

1950       Dr. H. Miller Moseley (TCU BA ’43) joins faculty

1952       Physics department moves into first floor of Winton Scott

1956       Dr. Donald Cowan (TCU BA ’47) joins faculty (1956-1959)

1958       Dr.  Gaines retires, Dr. Morgan named department chair

1959       Dr. Leo Baggerly joins faculty (1959-1968)

1960       Ph.D. program in physics inaugurated

.              Dr. Prem Mahendroo (1960-1980)

.              Dr. Palmer Edwards (1960-1967)

1962       Dr. Richard Raeuchle (1962 -1974)

.              Dr. Alex Hoffman (1962-1984)

1963       First Ph.D. degree awarded to Dr. Richard Lysiak

.             B.S.  program in physics added

.             Dr.  Lysiak (TCU BA ’59, PhD ’63) joins faculty

.             Dr. Charles Blount joins faculty

1967      Dr. Miroslav Synek joins faculty (1967-1970)

.             Dr. C. A. Quarles (TCU BA ’60)  joins faculty

1969      Physics Department moves into Sid W. Richardson Bldg

1971       Dr. Bruce Miller joins faculty

.              Dr. Lysiak named department chair

1974       Dr. Quarles named Associate Dean of AddRan College of Arts and Sciences (1974-1978)

1977       Dr. William Graham joins faculty

1978       B.S. program in Astronomy and Physics established

.              Dr. Morgan retires

.              Dr. Quarles named department chair

1984       W. A.”Tex” Moncrief , Jr.  Chair endowed

.              Dr. Graham named department chair

1986       Dr. Quarles named first holder of the Moncrief Chair

.              Dr. Lysiak named department chair

1987       Dr. Waldek Zerda  joins faculty

1990       Dr. Moseley retires

.               Dr. Magnus Rittby joins faculty

1995       Dr. Lysiak retires

.              Joseph Morgan Lecture established by Dr. Ira Lon Morgan (BA ’49, MA’51), a bequest of Arlynn Purvis (MA’61) and contributions by Dr. Morgan’s colleagues and students

1996       Dr. Blount retires

.             Dr. Quarles named department chair

.             Dr. Pamela Marcum joins faculty as first observational astronomer (1996-2008)

.             Dr. Doug Ingram joins faculty

1997      Name of department changed to Department of Physics and Astronomy

1998       Dr. Curtis Bradley joins faculty (1998-2005)

1999       Dr. Rittby named department chair

2001       Professor Newton Gaines Scholarship for Women in Physics established by Dr. Charlotte Zihlman Lemay (TCU BA ‘40)

2005       Dr. Yuri Strzhemechny joins faculty

.                Dr. Magnus Rittby named Associate Dean of College of Science and Engineering

.                Dr. Zerda named department chair

2005-07  Physics department teaching and research  labs renovated

2009      Dr. Peter Frinchaboy  joins faculty

2010      50th anniversary of Ph.D. program

.              Dr. Quarles retires, named Cecil and Ida Green Distinguished Emeritus Tutor

2011       Dr. Karol Gryczynski named to Moncrief Chair

.              Dr. Graham named chair of department

2012       Dr. Hana Dobrovolny joins faculty

2014       Dr. Strzhemechny named chair of department

.               Dr. Graham retires

.               Dr. Kat Seim-Barger joins faculty

2015        Dr. Anton Naumov joins faculty

.                Dr. Zerda retires

2017         Dr. Miller retires

2018        Dr. Mia Bovill joins faculty

.                Physics department classrooms renovated for active learning