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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Physics & Astronomy offers BS degrees in Physics and Physics and Astronomy. The department also offers BA degrees in the same fields and a physics minor. The physics degree can be combined as either a major or minor with a variety of other programs. For those interested in learning a little about physics, but not interested in pursuing a physics degree, the department offers a number of courses that might be of interest to non-majors.

The Department of Physics & Astronomy features small class sizes taught primarily by full-time faculty allowing for frequent and direct interactions between students and faculty. Students are encouraged to pursue research projects and many of our undergraduates have presented their work at conferences and had their work published in peer-reviewed journals.

The department aims to foster a sense of community with departmental activities that are open to undergraduates. The Society of Physics Students hosts bi-weekly pizza lunches featuring presentations by graduate students and faculty. Undergraduate students are also encouraged to attend departmental seminars.