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How hard is it to get in the program?

The number of well-qualified applicants is about 10 times the number that can be accepted, so it is very competitive. It is wise to apply to a number of REU programs and hope to get accepted into one. Check out the NSF web site for information on all the REU programs:

What kind of preparation do I need to be competitive?

Successful applicants will have good grades, good recommendations, a demonstrated willingness to work hard, and a serious interest in science and in research. You must be majoring in the physical sciences or engineering and must have completed at least one year of physics courses and the related mathematics. For most programs in the TCU REU, you should have Modern Physics or Physics 3, but the specific preparation that is helpful depends on the research area you want to work in. For example, C++ programming experience is useful if you want to work in the neuroscience simulation area, general chemistry is useful for some areas of material science research. We have accepted Freshmen into the program, but usually it is an advantage to be a junior.

Is there anything special about TCU’s recruitment philosophy?

While the program is advertised nationally on the NSF website, we specifically focus our REU recruitment efforts to strongly encourage and subsequently support students from smaller programs with limited opportunities for research, students with no previous REU experience and students from underrepresented groups (women and minorities).

What are some schools that participants have come from?

Participants in the TCU program have come from colleges and Universities  such as Angelo State, Austin College, Baylor, Bowdoin, Brandeis, Centenary College LA, Grove City College, Harvey Mudd College, Hendrix College, Houston Baptist University, LeTourneau, Loyola Chicago, Mary Baldwin, Midwestern State, Monmouth, Midwestern State, New Mexico State, Oklahoma Baptist, Southern University-Baton Rouge, Southwestern University, Tarleton State, Trinity, U Michigan-Flint, U North Dakota, U Pittsburgh.

How do I apply?

You can apply on line by clicking on application on the right. You will need to complete an on-line form, send in a transcript, and ask two faculty to write recommendations. Most of the process can be done by email. We plan to make initial appointments in mid March.