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Kat Barger

Assistant Professor Main: (817) 257-4617
Ph.D. Astronomy University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2012 M.A. Physics University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009 M.S. Astronomy University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2008 B.S. Physics Western Washington University, 2006
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Research Interests

Galaxy evolution is governed by an intricate ballet of gas inflowing and outflowing from galaxies. I study the gas flows associated with the Magellanic System and the Milky Way to examine these processes in detail. Through this work I decipher the properties, origins, and fates of the gas that surrounds galaxies. Armed with this information, I unravel how these gaseous structures replenish the star formation gas reservoirs of massive spiral galaxies, such as the Milky Way, enabling them to continuously form stars over billions of years. Learn more about the work that my group is doing here:

Selected Publications

  1. Barger, K. A.; Lehner, N.; Howk, J. C., 2016, “Down-the-barrel and Transverse Observations of the Large Magellanic Cloud: Evidence for a Symmetric Galactic Wind on the Near and Far Sides of the Galaxy”, ApJ, 817, 91
  2. Fox, Andrew J.; Lehner, Nicolas; Lockman, Felix J.; Wakker, Bart P.; Hill, Alex S.; Heitsch, Fabian; Stark, David V.; Barger, Kathleen A.; Sembach, Kenneth R.; Rahman, Mubdi, 2016, “On the Metallicity and Origin of the Smith High-velocity Cloud”, ApJ, 816, 11
  3. Fox, Wakker,Barger, `The COS/UVES Absorption Survey of the Magellanic Stream. III: Ionization, Total Mass, and Inflow Rate onto the Milky Way’, ApJ, 787, 2
  4. Barger, Hill, Gostish, Haffner, Benjamin,`and [SII] emission from the Scutum-Crux Arm’ ApJ, 787, 106
  5. Barger, Haffner, Bland-Hawthorn, `Warm, Ionized Gas Revealed in the Magellanic Bridge Tidal Remnant: Constraining the Baryon Content and the Escaping Ionizing Photons around Dwarf Galaxies,’ ApJ, 777, 123
  6. Barger, Haffner, Wakker, Hill, Madsen, Duncan, `Present-day Galactic Evolution: Low-metallicity, Warm, Ionized Gas Inflow Associated with High-Velocity Cloud Complex ‘ 2012, ApJ, 761, 145
  7. Crowder, Barger, `Observed Limits on Charge Exchange Contributions to the Diffuse X-ray Background,’ 2012, ApJ, 758, 143C
  8. McCammon, Barger,`The X-ray Quantum Calorimeter Sounding Rocket Experiment: Improvements for the Next Flight,’ 2008, JLTP, 151, 3
  9. Lindeman, Barger, `Accurate Thermal Conductance and Impedance Measurements of Transition Edge Sensors,’ 2008, JLTP, 151, 180L
  10. Lindeman, Barger, `The Superconducting Transiton in 4-D: Temperature, Current, Resistance and Heat Capacity,’ 2008, JLTP, 151, 190L
  11. Lindeman, Barger, `Complex Impedance Measurements of Calorimeters and Bolometers: Correction for stray impedances,’ 2007 Rev Sci Instrum, 78, 043105
  12. Juranic, Lukic, Barger, Wehlitz ,`Experimental Evidence for Modulations in the Relative Double-Photoionization Cross Section of C60,’ 2006, Phys Rev Lett, 96, 023001
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