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Dr. Zygmunt Gryczynski

"Tex" Moncrief Jr. Chair Professor of Physics Main: (817) 257-4209


Dr. Zygmunt Gryczynski received his M.S. in experimental physics in 1982 from the University of Gdansk and Ph.D. in spectroscopy in 1987, working on the basic spectroscopic studies of isotropic and oriented systems of organic molecules. In 1991 he becomes a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Maryland and from 1998 to 2005 he was an Assistant Director in the Center for Fluorescence Spectroscopy at the University of Maryland. From 2005 he is a Professor of Molecular Biology and Immunology at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, Texas. In 2006 with the support from the Emerging Technology Funds (ETF) of Texas together with his colleagues he established a Center for Commercialization of Fluorescence Technologies (CCFT) that in 2013 has been transformed to the Center for Fluorescence Technologies and Nanomedicine (CFTN). In 2010 he becomes the “Tex” Moncrief Jr. Chair and Professor of Physic in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Texas Christian University at Fort Worth. His present appointments also include Visiting Professor, Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK and Adjunct Professor, University of Shimane, Matsue, Japan. His early work at the University of Maryland was focused on ultrafast time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and intrinsic fluorescence of hemoproteins as well as the thermodynamics of ligand binding and the allosteric mechanism of O2 binding in hemoproteins. He has been also developing uses of multi-photon excitation and light quenching (light stimulated emission) in time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. His focus has been on applications of fluorescence spectroscopy to study biological systems using time-resolved fluorescence, anisotropy, and FRET. He also pioneered novel fluorescence sensing methods for biomedical applications in tissue and blood. More recently his interests expanded to nanotechnology and applications of novel plasmonic effects induced by light and excited fluorophore in metallic nanostructures. He pioneered metal enhanced fluorescence (MEF) and surface plasmons coupled emission (SPCE) phenomena for biomedical and diagnostics application (biophotonics). His current focus is to develop novel fluorescent probes and to explore quantum-level interactions to study the dynamics of biophysical and biochemical processes at the molecular level and development of new fluorescence probes for studying molecular interactions and dynamics on the cellular level. He worked and published with two Nobel Prize laureates: S. Prusiner (1997) and B. Kobilka (2012).  Authored over 300 peer-review publications, 12 book chapters, 8 patents, and edited 13 books. He is also a member of Editorial Boards of Journal of Experimental Biology and Medicine and Methods and Applications in Fluorescence.

Research Interests

  • Spectroscopy and Fluorescence: Absorption; Linear Dichroism; Fluorescence; Fluorescence Polarization; Phosphorescence
  • Probe Development. Novel fluorophores for molecular and cellular imagingOrganic fluorophores; Quantum dots; Nanoparticles
  • Time-Resolved Spectroscopy: Time-resolved fluorescence and phosphorescence; Excited state processes/dynamics.
  • Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET): Steady-state and time-resolved applications at molecular and cellular levels.
  • Molecular/Macro-Molecular Dynamics: Protein Dynamics; Protein Dissociation/Associatio; DNA/RNA.
  • Cooperative Binding: Oxygen binding/transport by hemoglobin; Ligand binding; Macromolecular binding.
  • Biomarkers – Enhanced Fluorescence Based Detection. Cardiac Risk Assessment and Cancer Detection.
  • Imaging: Tissue; Cell; Single molecule.
  • Fluorescence Based Sensing: Lifetime based sensing; Novel sensing; Plasmons enhanced sensing.
  • Multi-Photon Processes: Multi-Photon Induced Fluorecence (Two-Photon, Three-Photon, Four-Photon Excitation); Light Quenching by Stimulated Emission; Two-Pulse Fluorescence.
  • Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence: Steady-state; Time-resolved.
  • Metal Enhanced Fluorescence (MEF): Metallic nanoparticles/nanostructures enhanced detection; Localized surface plasmons.
  • Surface Plasmons Enhanced Detection (SPED): Surface plasmon enhanced fluorescence (SPCE); Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) stimulated emission.
  • Optical and Quantum Processes to Study Biological System in Nanoscale: Proteins, DNA/RNA, Cells, Tissue


Peer-reviewed only ~300 total; last 3 years only

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